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[Denied] Form submission: Application

Minecraft Username: : TheBlankSky

Age: : 18

Location: : Arizona

Where did you find RepublicCraft?: :

Why do you want to join RepublicCraft?: : I just want to find a small community to join, not one that is large and loud.

A bit about yourself: : I just graduated from my high school a few weeks ago and In a few months I will be applying to Arizona State University. When I finish, I plan on moving to the Netherlands because I want to see what its like to live in a different country.

What do you like about Minecraft?: : I like minecraft because there are no missions or quests that you have to do, I like the game because you get to do whatever you want with almost no limits.

Did you read all of the rules? : Yes

Are you related to Genghis Khan?: : No, not at all.


Hello sir, you already applied and were denied recently, please follow the directions given on your previous application. That is, please wait 2 weeks if you wish to reapply.

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