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[Accepted] Form submission: Application

Minecraft Username: : unsupermario

Age: : 38

Location: : Nebraska

Where did you find RepublicCraft?: : Reddit /mcservers

Why do you want to join RepublicCraft?: : Vanilla. Too many ultra-modded servers. Just let me mine and craft.

A bit about yourself: : I've been playing since 2010, very casually. I need a good server that will let me pass the time and we can treat each other like adults. The other servers I've played on all had that community feel to them and I want to find another like them.

Also, I like sharing my resources.

What do you like about Minecraft?: : There is no end-game. I can play as little or much as I like and not be pressured to ever complete it.

Did you read all of the rules? : Yes

Are you related to Genghis Khan?: : There's a slim chance because of how productive his progeny was, but since I am a white guy it seems unlikely.


Good application! We'll try and get back to you within the next day Smile

Hey!, You've been whitelisted, welcome!
I will literally eat your ass.
- Grover Cleveland

Thank You!

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