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Form submission: Ban Appeal

Minecraft Username: SimplyMundane

Date Banned: 12/19/2018

Reason for being Banned: X-Raying and I'll throw stealing in there as that's also ban worthy

Your Explanation: I was in a hurry for quick diamonds to fix my gear but wasn't worth it in the end

Why we should unban you: It wasn't fair for me to X-ray or steal in the first place and i am sorry for doing so, i've be trying to mean well by building the nether hub for people to enjoy and stuff. Even a little trade town but i didnt really take into account that it isn't the right way to go about it... From now on i will be a top notch citizen of Republiccraft

Do you want to discuss this in Discord with us?: Yes


We discussed privately in discord. Ban appeal accepted. Ban reduced from 1 week to 48 hours.

We also have destroyed a reasonable amount of your xrayed materials.

The ban will hold, but only temporarily, the initial ban was 1 week, but since you came clean and because most of the resources were used for mostly unselfish reasons, we'll reduce it to 48 hours. If you are caught breaking the rules again we will permanently ban you. Some of your valuables will be scrapped as you acquired them unfairly.
I will literally eat your ass.
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