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[Accepted] Form submission: Application

Minecraft Username: : xXredeem34Xx

Age: : 17

Location: : United States, Florida

Where did you find RepublicCraft?: : In google I looked up "whitelisted vanilla minecraft servers" and clicked on one of the smaller servers

Why do you want to join RepublicCraft?: : 1) It's whitelisted Big Grin
2) It's vanilla (or close enough)
3) It has a small community but big enough that it's still fun (I generally prefer much smaller servers)

A bit about yourself: : In real life I am 17 and I live in the US (duh you already knew that) and I moved to Florida in January of 2018. We moved from Arizona and this was our family's first time moving so it was especially hard. I am a senior in highschool and am looking to go into Aerospace Engineering when I actually decide where and when I'm going to college (yeah I should already know that half way though my senior year).

Before this server I played on The Wooden Spoon (another whitelisted server with a moderate sized community) but I fell inactive because I took on too big of a project and the rest of the players I was basing with also fell inactive. I have been playing since Minecraft 1.5 in 2013, which has been just about the only game I've taken seriously for most of my life.

What do you like about Minecraft?: : I am a strong believer in function over fashion. I will rarely ever build something just because it looks cool. This however, does NOT mean I just build quick and dirty solutions to my problems, I usually try to combine the two to make something quite unique. While I enjoy occasionally building, redstone is where I am strongest and what I enjoy the most.

Did you read all of the rules? : Yes

Are you related to Genghis Khan?: : According to Google, there is a .5% chance I am a descendant


Hey sorry for the wait, all our staff is currently out travelling and I just got somewhere with internet Tongue. This is a really ood app thank you! We'll whitelist you shortly.
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