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[Denied] Form submission: Application

Minecraft Username: : CPCTHUNDER

Age: : 18

Location: : Florida

Where did you find RepublicCraft?: : Referred by friend

Why do you want to join RepublicCraft?: : To have fun and build with friends in survival mode

A bit about yourself: : I’m in college and play fallout, Skyrim, and occasionally league

What do you like about Minecraft?: : Social aspect, and building nice creations. I also enjoy gathering materials to be proud of.

Did you read all of the rules? : Yes

Are you related to Genghis Khan?: : No


Too short application if you ask me.

Definitely too short. Can you please add a bit more? And maybe tell us who referred you?

Im the one who asked him to make an app but god damn he didnt try. ill beat his ass soon

The deed is done he fell off a cliff no lie hes in hospital lolol

I'm with the group.... come on bro, at least a little effort. If youre gonna be short, be well written in the least. sorry script, but this referal's a Nay from me..

Made no effort to fix the app. We'll deny you for now. Feel free to reapply in 2 weeks.
I will literally eat your ass.
- Grover Cleveland

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